Working With Retro Prints

 Last but not least we check out bold and retro prints...
Working With Retro

You've got to be brave to go totally retro, but if you are, keep pattern in the rest of the room minimal and stick to touchable textures, such as rich woods and cool ceramics.

Working With Retro Prints

The retro look - patterns and prints that are reminiscent of the fifties right through to the seventies - is here to stay. But do you need to stick to the look rigorously to make it work?

The answer, of course, is 'no'. There's a vast choice of furniture and accessories that successfully echo the retro look but are available in the high street now. However, that doesn't mean the look is easy to achieve first time. And it also doesn't mean that you should doggedly furnish your home in seventies-style stuff, unless you want it to look like a TV sitcom set, that is.

So where to start? The question is to decide how far you want to go with the look. Putting a wallpaper like this graphic print up on the wall will almost certainly dictate that the rest of your scheme should be pretty plain - although that doesn't mean you shouldn't add the odd splash of pattern in upholstery or accessories, just to keep the room interesting.

If you do, keep the colour scheme simple. You needn't stick to seventies favourites, for example - oranges, browns and avocados - but you should stick to similar tones or the colour scheme will fight with the patterns for attention.

It also pays to look for accessories which, while not necessarily brightly coloured, pick out one of the colours within the wallpaper (the most subtle of the colours, in this case, black). And, ideally, they should be curvaceous in their lines, echoing the shapes within the patterns on the wallpaper back at them.

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