Go For Understated Elegance

How do you introduce pattern without making it an overt statement? Find out here
Go For Understated Elegance

Looking for a more subtle approach? Try shimmering neutrals and tactile fabrics - but keep your colour scheme simple and toned down.

How To Do It

A traditional, played down scheme doesn't have to be free of pattern - you can go just as crazy as you would with a much bolder scheme, but the key is to choose patterns that show off because of their sheen or texture, not because of their colour.

Neutrals are the easiest route to an understated theme - and, just as we've shown in the previous pages, you needn't stint on mixing and matching different types of pattern. However, that doesn't mean you have to stick to muted browns and greys. This scheme would be just as sophisticated in grey-blue, pale green, even light pink or yellow.

However, it's worth matching the highlight tone within your pattern - here, it's a pale grey - to the background colour on your walls, floors and windows. Why? This will help tie the colour scheme together, particularly in a big room.

As for added interest, look for texture. Here, the sofa has a raised velour that invites you to stroke it; the fabric has a light sheen to it that reflects daylight, and the throw, while all white, has an intricate pattern that adds another layer of interest.

To give the room a contemporary lift, add a contrast. It could be a modern anglepoise lamp, a framed black and white photograph or, as here, some modern shelves in a natural, but contrasting, colour. Keep the clutter to a minimum in a room that has a more traditional approach - this will help keep it feeling modern, yet sophisticated.

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