Innovative & Eco-Friendly Paints

Innovative & Eco-Friendly Paints
In recent times, a small number of revolutionary paints have emerged, offering some highly useful properties, such as odour-removal - ideal for an open-plan kitchen or ensuite bathroom, for example.

Odour-Removing Paint

StoClimasan Color, as featured on Grand Designs Bristol is the world's first interior paint that can remove bad smells using artificial light. When exposed to visible light, whether it actually is natural or indoor lighting, StoClimasan Color breaks down airborne substances and odours, and as long as the light remains present, the air within the room is completely de-odourised.
And not only does StoClimason have fantastic covering power, but it is also completely free of VOCs. Remember, the more light available, and the larger the painted surface area, the stronger the effect.

Self-Cleaning Paint

From the same episode of Grand Designs , we see the enormous potential of StoLotusan Color - a pioneering exterior paint, useful in any environment - it self-cleans! Using Lotus-Effect® - a technology developed by Sto - dirt simply washes off in the rain, keeping the fa├žade clean without any labour. So how does this really work? It's all due to the micro structure of the paint, where water just cannot maintain surface contact and literally rolls off the surface. As this happens, loose dirt particles are gathered leaving exterior walls spotless. And StoLotusan Color is a water-based paint, free of solvents, plasticisers and VOC's.
For further information on both products, click here to go straight to the Stoshop website.
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Ecological Paints

It's increasingly easy nowadays to source eco products, and ecologically sound paints, with an array of odourless paints, free of harmful solvents and chemicals on the market, are no exception. Here are several UK companies offering a safer and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paints.
Ecos Organic Paints manufacture the world's best-selling organic paints - all VOC free - in 108 co-ordinated colours.
Nutshell Natural Paints use only naturally sourced raw materials including oils, herbs and minerals.
earthBorn were launched in 2001, and their high-performing, eco-friendly products are now available from more than 120 stockists around the UK.
Auro UK - fully certified as a carbon neutral company - are manufacturers of natural paints and wood finishes, good for you and for the environment.

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